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Students Orientation Programme

Udupi : The orientation program held at the college auditorium on 12th July 2023 was a significant event that aimed to provide valuable guidance and insights to the students. The event began with a warm welcome speech delivered by the principal, setting the tone for the informative session that followed.The principal expressed his gratitude to all the attendees and extended a special thank you to Dr. Gananath Shetty, one of the esteemed trustees of the Creative Educational Institutions, for gracing the occasion as the keynote speaker. The principal highlighted the importance of competitive exams in the lives of students aspiring to pursue higher education in prestigious institutions.

Dr. Gananath Shetty, a highly respected individual with extensive experience in the field of education, then took the stage. He shared his expertise and insights on competitive exams, focusing particularly on the JEE exam and other similar examinations. Dr. Gananath Shetty emphasized the significance of these exams in shaping the future of students and the importance of thorough preparation, hard work, dedication, and perseverance. His words motivated the students, encouraging them to approach their studies with a positive mindset and strive for excellence. His insights on the significance of self-belief, discipline, and holistic development were well-received by the audience.

Mr. Kuldeep, an experienced faculty member specializing in Biology, delivered a lecture on the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). He provided an overview of the NEET exam structure, syllabus, and important topics. Mr. Kuldeep emphasized the significance of thorough preparation and effective time management for NEET. He also shared tips and study resources to help the students succeed in this highly competitive exam.
Mr. Manjunath, an esteemed faculty member specializing in Chemistry, delivered a lecture on the Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET). He discussed the exam pattern, key topics, and important concepts in Chemistry for KCET. Mr. Manjunath highlighted the relevance of conceptual clarity and practice in scoring well in this examination. He also provided guidance on utilizing resources and reference materials effectively.

Mr. Santhosh, a renowned Kannada faculty member, delivered a lecture focusing on exam sitting arrangements, which are crucial to ensure a fair and organized examination process. He discussed the seating assignment procedure, explaining how students would be assigned their examination halls and seats based on their roll numbers and other relevant factors. He emphasized the need for students to follow the instructions given by the invigilators and maintain discipline during the exams.

The principal expressed his gratitude once again and highlighted the importance of utilizing the knowledge gained from such sessions to maximize their potential. The orientation programme proved to be highly beneficial for the students, providing them with valuable insights, guidance, and strategies for excelling in competitive exams. The speeches and lectures delivered by the principal, Dr. Gananath Shetty, Mr. Kuldeep, Mr. Manjunath, and Mr. Santhosh offered comprehensive information and motivated the students to work hard and achieve their goals. The programme served as a platform for the students to gain confidence and clarity regarding their future career paths and aspirations.

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